Microsoft ❤️ Bitcoin = true

Microsoft ❤️ Bitcoin = true

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March 25, 2021 by 99pigs
Microsoft and Paypal welcome payments with bitcoin. Now Swedish payment provider Qliro also opens up the possibility. Unfortunately many of the big banks in Sweden are still not convinced.
Bitcoin Coin Golden Coin  - nikhilNarayane / Pixabay

Bitcoin skyrocketed in value after Tesla announced in January this year that the company was investing in the cryptocurrency. Since then, the value of bitcoin has declined. At the time of writing, a bitcoin costs just over 46,000 dollars.

This is a dramatic increase compared to the same time a year ago. Then a bitcoin was traded for 9,179 dollars.

At the same time as the cryptocurrency has rushed – and backed down – a number of large companies have opened up for bitcoin as a means of payment.

“Significantly support the usefulness of cryptocurrencies.” – PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

Microsoft Building Cologne Facade - efes / PixabayBitcoin is being accepted by more and bigger companies

Tesla hopes in the near future to be able to accept bitcoin as a currency from its customers. The American IT giant Microsoft has already started accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in the USA to download digital content in its online stores for Xbox and Windows. And the e-commerce company PayPal’s 361 million customers have been able to trade bitcoin for some time.

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said last year that Paypal will offer all 28 million merchants on the platform to charge in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, for “all transactions”. In the same interview with the American television channel CNBC, he said that it will “significantly support the usefulness of cryptocurrencies”.

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